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Bistro is Open Upstairs for Meals, Coffee and Desserts.


Under 18's are welcome accompanied by a reponsible adult.


Bleu Collective

November 5th, 8pm

Bleu Collective is Newcastle’s finest elevator jazz. Four-piece instrumental alternative jazz. Ground floor plays Glasper, Kamasi and Alfa Mist. Second floor Snarky and Hiatus Kaiyote. Fifth floor toys with Dilla and Badu.

“Their sound is smooth and ultra cool. Feeding off the energy of the audience they like to throw in lots of improvisation, move parts around and throw in some funk and Latin beats. The audience sways to their unique relaxed groove. Their sound is well polished without being slick. It's fresh and hits the groove without being overtly hip.” - Paul Dear (The Newcastle Herald)

Isaac Walker - Keys
Matt Baines - Guitar
Jesse Dowley - Bass
Dan Simmons - Drums


Up In The Air + Fly you Fools

November 7th, 8pm

Up In The Air:

In The Air Are a newly formed trio based out of Newcastle Australia. Their act contains a mixture of original music and covers which blend funk, blues, jazz and rock into one.

Their original instrumental tunes contain melodies and extended improvised solos demonstrating each individual's skills on their instruments. Whilst their covers will take a unique approach to pieces originally written as jazz to pop and reinvent them for a modern-day performance

Ryan Peters- Guitar
Sam Barry - Bass
Ethan Meers - Drums


Fly You Fools:

‘Fly You Fools’ are a fellowship of musicians whose quest is to to bring their rock fusion sound to the masses. These Newcastle based adventurers have journeyed far on their own paths, but have come together to forge their flavors of jazz, fusion, rock and eastern music into one powerful act.

With soaring solos, catchy heads and tight grooves, ‘Fly You Fools’ original instrumental tunes bring an energy and vibe that engages their audiences, and has them humming their tunes home and back again to their next gig.

Mitch Cordingley - Guitar
Josie Tarren - Trumpet
Liam Eastwell - Sax
Brandon Yarnold - Keys
Jimmy Jones - Bass
Healey Olsen - Drums


James Greening & Gary Daley

November 12th, 8pm

James Greening & Gary Daley have performed together in multiple musical settings for many years. Most notably, The catholics.
They have, however, discovered a unique connection playing as a duo. Sharing a deep love for improvisation and a wide ranging repertoire these highly respected musicians will take you on a beautiful journey.
Trombone , pocket trumpet, accordion, piano, melodica combined in surprising ways by two of Australia’s finest. Intimate, interactive, immersive music. Not to be missed.

James Greening - Trombone
Gary Daley - Keys


Holly Clayton & Adam Miller 

November 19th, 8pm

Holly Clayton - Vocal
Adam Miller - Guitar




November 26th, 8pm

Piano Trio Music

Gerard Masters - Keys
Brett Hirst - Bass
Miles Thomas - Drums


Baltic Bar Mitzvah

November 28th, 8pm

With the combination of wind, brass and percussion, Baltic Bar Mitzvah has forged a reputation as party favourites, known for their improvisational ‘Jazz’ approach exploring the vibrant music from cultures around the globe.

From humble beginnings in Newcastle NSW, the ensemble has performed together for almost a decade, playing alongside the likes of Monsieur Camembert, The Woohoo Revue, Hello Tut Tut, and at Festivals including Blue Mountains Music Festival, Illawarra Folk Festival, Newtown Festival, HONK! OZ.

This formidable acoustic powerhouse, inspired by music of celebration breathes new life into old stories
and traditions.


Adrian Quinn - Clarinet/Vocals
Hannah Murray - Horn/Vocals
Neil Simpson - Accordion
Aidan Purdy - Tuba
Tim Evans - Drums


Lollo Meier

December 3rd, 8pm

Raised on Gypsy Swing from an early age, Lollo Meier is a master guitarist, composer, bandleader and arranger; Lollo comes from an elite family of Gypsy musicians and is cousin to two of the greatest guitarists of the genre; Fapy Lafertin and Stochelo Rosenberg. His goal: to carry on the music of Django Reinhardt, with a style and technique that’s traditional, melodious, lyrical, sensitive and joyful. His mellifluous compositions have a refreshing authentic Django flavour and are played with extraordinary talent, unique style and amazing suppleness that clearly reflects that he makes music he loves. His Quartet is sought after around the globe and is famous for playing the lesser-known Reinhardt tunes and his own compositions. A man of style, grace and humour, Lollo’s pure melodious playing touches his audiences and makes Django’s music as fresh today as it was 80 years ago.

“It felt like the legendary Django Reinhardt was performing again”
Zutphen Paper

“We lit a candle and were given grace, so much beauty, so much harmony and so much variation and so much of Lollo”.
Pedro Ramacher -

Lollo Meier - Lead Guitar

Cameron Jones - Rhythm Guitar

Loretta Palmeiro - Clarinet/Saxophone

Stan Valecos - Double Bass


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